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A Table of Our Own: Portland


A Table of Our Own: Sizzle



A Beginner’s Guide On How To Safely Do Magic Mushrooms As A Black Person

As magic mushrooms continue to be decriminalized in the U.S., here’s everything you need to know about doing them for the first time.

In this episode of the podcast, Joe sits down for the very rare multi-guest podcast, this time with four: teacher and author, Ayize Jama-Everett; LMFT, certified sex therapist, owner and operator of Doorway Therapeutic Services, Courtney Watson; LMFT at Doorway Therapeutic Services, Leticia Brown; and activist and facilitator, Kufikiri Imara.


Psychedelics Today Podcast

Oakland Psychedelic Conference

The conference was focused on those who’ve had experience in the areas of psychedelics and the arts, activism, academics, sciences, entrepreneur, cultivators, and those still working in the underground scene.

Kufikiri comes on the podcast to talk about his journey in this life and a new project, called A Table of Our Own.


The goal of A Table of Our Own is to create a documentary about a gathering of Black luminaries, highlight those doing great work in the psychedelic space and expand the reach of these important ways of healing to more Black people.


Another wish is to further de-stigmatize these substances so that they’re no longer seen as “White people stuff” and more as the natural balms and salves to Black people’s psyches that we’ve been using for millennia.


Kufikiri Imara and
A Table of Our Own

The Psychedologist Podcast

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